Hard At Work.

No days off! When asked how they spend their weekends they replied "Weekends...... there's no such thing as the end of a week for an entrepreneur. Every day is a work day." However they were very quick to add that Family time is a Must. "Never sacrifice family time for work. The beautiful thing about being a n entrepreneur is that we Never have to." 

With as many man hours as these two put into their ideas and business practices there's no telling what they'll develop next.

When asked whats the best advice for someone starting out, they replied; 

If you want to be a successful person, you need to take massive action toward your goals. Do something toward your goals daily.......every single day! 


Lynk Flipping Secrets

Michael & David Ligon in their Florida Office working on LYNK Real Estate Investing

LYNK Systems

On-Line Real Estate Training Platform

Lights, Camera, Action....

The Ligon Brothers Discussing The 

Success of their LYNK Real Estate Systems.

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Ligon Brothers


The Ligon Brothers are Real Estate Investors, Mentors and the Creators of The LYNK™ Real Estate System. The LYNK™ RE System is a collection of Real Estate Investing concepts, tactics & techniques. To learn more about the Ligon Brothers and their LYNK™ Real Estate Systems please click on button below to Access LYNK.

Breaking News!

Taking the show in the road. The LYNK Real Estate Investing Systems are a Hit! No matter what level Investor you are the Ligon Brothers have a program for you. Requests are rolling in for interviews and open forum discussions on this New Hit System. So keep an eye out they may be coming to a City near you.

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LYNK Real Estate


LYNK Real Estate Investing is a system of unique, concepts tactics and techniques for Investing in Real Estate. The Ligon Brothers created the system as part of their own in house training material. It worked so well that they decided to develop an online training platform for anyone who wants to learn how to become a successful Real Estate Investor.
The LYNK Real Estate System is comprised of several different levels of Investing. Click Here to Learn More.