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Sell Your House Fast

For Cash

Sell Your Home Quickly With a Free Cash Offer from a Cash Home Buyer

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Sell House Fast to the Ligon Brothers
Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Get a Free Cash Offer to Sell Your House Fast

Free Cash Offer (SHF)

Selling your house fast can be a quick and easy process, you just need to find the right Cash Home Buyer. Local Real Estate Investors Michael and David Ligon are one of the most Trusted Home Buyers in the Nation. They've been helping homeowners sell their houses quickly by providing super fast cash offers to buy their homes. If you need a fast free cash offer to sell your house fast, then look no further. Select the link below and get your free offer now.

How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

No Realtors Needed (SHF)

The first thought most people have when they need to sell their house is; let's call a real estate agent. Real Estate agents and Realtors have been the go-to for homeowners since the 1900's. But time change and so do circumstances, nowadays there are numerous ways to sell a home. One of the easies ways to sell a house fast is with a cash offer from a "Sell My House Fast" or "We Buy Houses" Company like the Ligon Group or Ligon Cash Home Buyers. These types of Companies are owned and operated by Real Estate Investors so they can purchase your property without needing to involve a Financial institution or bank. Why is that important? Well when you involve a Financial institution there is a lot more red tape, fees, costs and hoops to jump though before you can sell your house. And when you use a Real Estate agent to sell a home, they make you sign a listing agreement and take huge commissions on your money. Another down side to using a Real Estate agent is they can't help you sell a property that needs a lot of work, won't pass inspections or has liens and violations. They can only assist you in marketing a property that  can be purchased by a Traditional Home Buyer. So if you need to sell you home super fast, you need to find a Trust Worthy Cash Home Buyer like the Ligon Brothers and request a Free Cash Offer.

Cash Home Buyers (vs) Traditional Buyers

Cash (vs) Traditional (SHF)

So what's the big difference between a Cash Home Buyer and a Traditional Home Buyer? The simple answer is funding, Cash Buyers have the money to buy your house direct and traditional buyers need to borrow the money from somewhere. Let's break it down a little further;

Cash Home Buyers

Cash Home Buyers are Real Estate Investors that buy houses for cash for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for an investor to purchase a property is; fix-n-flips, rentals, buy-n-holds, wholesaling and remodeling. The investor can purchase a house much faster than a traditional buyer because they don't need to burrow the money from a financial institution and go through all the approval process.

Traditional Home Buyers

Traditional Home Buyers are normal everyday people that are looking to buy a home. Most commonly a traditional home buyer will be purchasing the house to live in it as a family home. Sometimes you'll encounter a novice investor that will purchase a home as a rental and use traditional purchasing as an option rather than using their own funds. However the biggest issue with selling your house and trying to sell your house quickly to a traditional buyer is they don't have the money. The money to buy your house will come from somewhere else and because of that, the buyer will have to go through a vigorous approval process to acquire the finds to buy your house. Not only will the Home Buyer need to be approved for the loan, but your house will also be reviewed to see if it's a viable property to loan money on. Many times a bank or financial institution will not loan money on a house that needs work. They will only loan on homes that can pass an appraisal and meet the demands of the current Real Estate Market. So if you need a fast cash sale on your house you need to contact the Ligon Brothers for a super easy and stress free selling process.

How to Find a Trust Worthy "Sell My House Fast" Company

Trustworthy (SHF)

Who can you trust? With so many "sell my house fast" and "we buy houses" companies telling you the same thing; free cash offers, sell your home today, etc. How can you pick out the Trustworthy Cash Home Buying Companies from the sleazy ones? The Ligon Brothers are Trusted Authorities in the world of Real Estate, Real Estate Investing and Buying Houses for Cash, so here are our three simple steps to spotting the Fake, Snakes and How to Avoid getting scammed.

Number One: Look for Who the Actual Buyers Are.

You Should be able to research a Company and find information about the people that will be buying your house. If a company contacts you or you find some Firm online, make sure that you know who the "Cash Buyers" are. I'm not talking about the Company name, anyone can open a company. I'm talking about the person that going to make out the Check to You for Your House so you can sell your house fast for cash. If you can't find the Actual cash buyers anywhere in their company information then they're probably a fake lead gen site. So what's a fake lead gen site your ask? Well many of the Sell My House Fast website online are just "Lead Capture and Generating" websites meaning they collect your data and then they take it and contact a "Real" Cash Buyer and sell them your information. 

Number Two: Never Pay for a Cash Offer to Sell Your House

If a Company wants to charge you a fee just to give you a cash offer to sell your house, RUN. If you are contacting a Real Cash Home Buyer than you should Never have to pay any costs or fees just to get an offer to sell. I've seen "administrative fees", "research fees" and "data processing fees" from companies that try to Nickle and dime homeowners. If you need a Cash Offer to Sell Your Home Fast you can contact the Ligon Brothers and use their 100% Free Cash Offer form. 

What Area Can You Sell Your House Fast?

Areas to Sell (SMH)

The Ligon Brothers help homeowners Sell Their House Fast in several areas. We are currently buying houses in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas. If you need to sell your house fast in any of these area you can select the "Get My Free Cash Offer Now" button or you can choose and are below to learn more about our buying locations.

Sell My House in Tennessee

Sell My House in Mississippi

Sell My House in Texas

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