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We Buy Houses As-Is in Any Condition and in Any Situation

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We Buy Houses, As-Is for Fast Cash. Ligon Brothers
We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash Now

We Buy Any House, Get a Cash Offer Now

Getting a Cash Offer from a We Buy Houses Company

The Ligon Brothers will give you a Totally Free Cash Offer to Sell Your Home. Simply fill out the Cash Offer form below and get your free all cash offer now. We Buy Homes Directly and we handle everything for you. It's a Super, Simple, Stress Free process.


Absolutely No Fees, Costs or Obligations. 100% Totally Free


100% Secured. Never Shared

How to Get a Cash Offer on Your Home

The Ligon Brothers and Ligon Cash Home Buyers makes receiving a Cash offer to sell your house super easy. Michael and David Ligon are Real Estate Experts and the Leading Authority on Residential Cash Home Buying. 

We Buy Houses Cash As-Is for Cash so if you need an all cash offer to sell your home simple fill out the form on this page. We Buy Houses in Any Condition so don't worry if your home is in bad shape, needs repairs or has major damage. We buy homes no matter what shape they are in. 

We also buy houses in any situation. So if your home is currently in Probate or if you're facing foreclosure or even if you're in the middle of a divorce, we will still buy your house.

The process is super easy and we make the whole experience stress free.

To get started simply fill out the form on our page with just a few non-intrusive questions so we can review your property and give you the very best cash offer in town!

We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Contact us today if you have any questions.

What are "We Buy Houses" Companies?

What Are We Buy Houses Companies

What are We Buy Houses Companies and when is the best time to contact one? Let's start off with what we buy houses companies are. We Buy Houses Companies are normally Real Estate Investors that purchase houses for s type of real estate investment. I say "normally" because now-a-days there are so many fake websites and companies that are masquerading as "we buy houses" firms that it's hard to spot a legitimate Cash Home Buyer. 

Real We Buy Houses Firms are Cash Home Buyers that buy properties for investment purposes. Companies like The Ligon Brothers and Ligon Investment Group are great examples of Real Cash Home Buyers and are Trustworthy Legitimate We Buy Houses As-Is Companies. These companies have the ability to purchase a home using their own money "cash" and close on the property without any outside financial involvement. The fact that We Buy Houses companies can buy your home direct, makes them an excellent choice if you need to sell your house fast. 

If you are in the market for a fast cash sale, I recommend that you do your research and find a reputable "real" We Buy Houses company with actual Cash Home Buyers to work with. Search for Cash Buyers that know your local market and can provide you with a Completely Free Cash Offer that you can review. If you want an example of a Totally Free Cash Offer is from a We Buy Houses Company you can fill out the form on this page or select the "Get My Free Cash Offer" button and you'll be provided an All Cash Offer to Sell your home on your terms for all Cash in as little as a week.

Where Do We Buy Houses As-is for Cash?

Where Do We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses in Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas with more areas being added every week. For a detailed breakdown of all the areas we buy houses in please visit the corresponding locations below.

We Buy Houses in Tennessee

We Buy Houses in Florida

We Buy Houses in Texas

We Buy Houses in Mississippi

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash in Florida

We Buy Homes in the entire State of Florida. From the panhandle  and Duval County to Miami-Dade and all in between. 

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash  in Tennessee

We Buy Homes Tennessee primarily in West Tennessee. Shelby County, Tipton County and Surrounding Areas

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash  in Mississippi

We Buy Homes Mississippi, primarily in North Mississippi. Desoto County and Surrounding Areas.

We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash in Texas

We Buy Homes Texas, primarily in Huston, Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas.

What's the We Buy Houses, Home Buying Process?

What's the We Buy Houses, Home Buying Process

So you're ready to sell your house for Cash to a We Buy Houses Company but you're not sure how to whole thing works. Well we're here to help! Here's the entire process of how to Sell Your House to a We Buy Houses Company.

Number One: Find a Trustworthy We Buy Houses Company

There are number of ways to identify a Trust worthy Cash Home Buyer and We Buy Houses Firm. If you need assistance you can view our page on "How to Find a Trustworthy Company to Sell My House to".  For an Example of a Trustworthy Cash Home Buyer I recommend that you browse the Ligon Brothers website and see how a real cash buyer structures there web pages and content.

Number Two: Request a FREE Cash Offer from the We Buy Houses Company

I can't stress this enough; make sure the Cash Offer is 100% Free. There should be absolutely zero fees or costs associated with receiving a Cash offer for you to sell your home. Once you supply the We Buy Houses Company with your property information they will begin researching your home and calculating a cash offer for you.

Number Three: Review the Cash Offer that the We Buy Houses Company Supplies You With

Once the We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash Company is complete with there assessment of your home they will provide you with an offer. Ensure that the offer you receive is an 'official' Purchase & Sales Agreement not some weird custom contract with who-knows what written into the terms and conditions. A reputable Cash Home Buyer will provide you with a True Real-Estate contact to purchase your house. If you want an all Cash Offer to Sell Your House you can fill out the Form on this page or select the "Get My Free Cash Offer" Button and the Ligon Brothers will provide you with an Official Cash Offer for your to review.

Number Four: Agree to the Cash Offer and Get Paid

After you receive the official Cash Offer from the We Buy Houses Company all you have to do is review it and agree. If you're working with a reputable firm like the Ligon Brothers, the process should be super easy. We even provide official Cash Offers in a digital format that can be signed and agreed to online for the Sellers convenience. Once the We Buy Houses Company has your executed agreement, they will supply the Closing agent with all the information needed to close the deal. Once Title Work is completed the Title Company will ask you how you want to get paid. You can usually choose wither by Check or Wire Bank Transfer and that's it. The deals done and you've got your cash.

If you have any questions or need help with selling your house fast, please let us know.

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