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Meet the dynamic duo, Michael Ligon, renowned as "The Fixer," and David Ligon, known as "Mr. Real Estate," together forming the formidable Ligon Brothers. These accomplished individuals are not only award-winning coaches, real estate investors, and consultants but also esteemed authors and wealth creation specialists. They have left an indelible mark on the industry by developing groundbreaking methodologies such as LYNK Real Estate Systems, LYNK Wholesaling, The Real Estate Connector Method, and The MLS Digital Flipping Method, each offering unique approaches to real estate investment.

Under their investment firm, "The Ligon Group," the Ligon Brothers have successfully flipped over 1,000 properties and played a pivotal role in over 2,500 real estate transactions. Their vast experience has propelled them to become sought-after consultants for home improvement, house remodeling television series, and documentaries.

Recognizing the importance of education, they have established LigonU, an exceptional online virtual learning center dedicated to real estate investor training. LigonU provides a convenient platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to learn the art of real estate investment. With its fully digital format, individuals can access modulated online courses and programs for wealth creation and real estate investing from anywhere in the world.

Michael and David Ligon's expertise extends to the realm of authorship, with their notable works including "LYNK Wholesaling: The Real Estate Connector Method" and "Wolf Secrets: A Guide to Master Any Negotiation in Any Industry." Their profound knowledge and achievements have led them to become trusted advisors to various media outlets, esteemed members of the Forbes™ Business Council, and expert contributors to Entrepreneur Magazine™.


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