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Learn How to Virtually Wholesale Houses

LYNK Wholesaling - Virtual Wholesaling

The Best Virtual Wholesaling Book for Beginners in Real Estate

The True Beauty of this Method is that you don't need any experience or money to get started. Plus you can wholesale houses from anywhere, virtually. All you need is a laptop, cell phone and internet connection. That's it!

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LYNK Wholesaling - Learn How to Wholesale Homes

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What is Traditional Wholesaling?

Traditional Wholesaling is the art of flipping a house without closing on the house. This is who the process works. The Wholesaler (Investor) searches for a motivated seller that needs to sell their house fast. Once they find a seller they provide that homeowner with a contract to purchase their home. If the seller agrees, they then attempt to find an "end buyer" or "cash buyer" to sell the contract to. This of course is a simplified example of a Wholesale deal. 

What is LYNK Wholesaling?

LYNK Wholesaling is a method for Wholesaling houses without needing any experience, credit or money. This Wholesaling technique allows the Investor to tap into existing successful framework and begin making money almost immediately. The Ligon Brothers developed this method by studying one of the Worlds most profitable businesses "Amazon". They took the Amazon Business model of using other people inventory and selling it to end buyers and applied it to Real Estate Investing. 

LYNK (vs) Traditional Wholesaling

LYNK Wholesaling vs Traditional Wholesaling. The core function of both Wholesaling techniques is the same, but there are huge fundamental differences. The biggest benefit with LYNK'ing a deal vs Wholesaling a Deal is the cost associated with traditional Wholesale Investing. When an Investor LYNK's a deal there is zero cost. So you can start investing and Wholesaling deals immediately without any out of pocket expenses. However, when you Wholesale a deal traditionally, you need access to capital for several things. The first expense associated with Traditional Wholesaling is marketing dollars to find motivated sellers. Without some form of marketing you won't have any deals to wholesale. The second expense associated with Traditional Wholesaling is the escrow deposit required to secure a contract on a potential property. Most purchase agreements require a buyer to place money in escrow in order to secure an offer on a house. This means the wholesaler has to have access to funds for "each" offer they contract with a homeowner selling their house. Another huge benefit to LYNK'ing a deal vs Traditional Wholesaling is the liability in the deal. When you LYNK a wholesale deal, the LYNK Wholesaler has zero liability in the transaction. Making it a perfect way to get started without the fear of screwing up the deal of getting into legal trouble. The traditional wholesaler hold all the liability for the A to B contract and if something goes wrong the Traditional Wholesaler is on the hook for the issues and might need to secure council for remedy it. There are several more benefits to starting your real estate investing career by LYNK wholesaling rather than transitional Wholesaling, for more details pickup a copy of LYNK Wholesaing today.

How to Get Started LYNK'ing Deals

The easiest way to get started LYNK'ing deals is by picking up a copy of LYNK Wholesaling. Simply fill out the quick form on this page and you'll be on your way to becoming a Real Estate Investor. 

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