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Madresfield-Court-Ligon Family

The Ligon/Lygon Family History

The First 500 Families in America


Colonel Thomas Lygon III was the 1st Lygon/Ligon in America in the early 1640s. From that point on The Lygon Families in America began the Surname "Ligon" to distinguish between the England Lygons and the American Ligons

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Unveiling the Legacy of the Lygons: From William the Conqueror to American Influencers - Explore the history of the Lygon family, their ties to English royalty, their pivotal role in American history, and their profound connections to the royal family. Journey through centuries, from Knights of the Garter to hosting the royals, and discover the enduring legacy of loyalty and hospitality. Uncover the lineage linking Princess Diana to the Lygons and witness the pivotal moments of sanctuary at Madresfield Court. Delve into their presence in America, as the Ligon name, shaping the nation's history. Experience the pride and privilege of being a Lygon, inspiring generations.

Madresfield Court

Lygon/Ligon Family Estate

Madresfield Court is a country house in Malvern, Worcestershire, England. The home of the Lygon/Ligon family for nearly six centuries, it has never been sold and has passed only by inheritance since the 12th century; a line of unbroken family ownership reputedly exceeded in length in England only by homes owned by the British Royal Family.

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Ligon Family Tree

Ligon Family Tree

The Ligon Brothers, Michael and David Ligon, come from a remarkable family tree with a legacy deeply rooted in property ownership, land acquisitions and real estate investment. They continue to carry forward the family's rich history and innovative approach to the industry. With a connection to notable properties like Madresfield Court, their family name epitomizes progress, success, and a commitment to preserving heritage. Their contributions to the real estate sector reflect their unwavering dedication and the values passed down through generations of the Ligon family.

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