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Michael Ligon, The Fixer - Business Coach

About Michael Ligon

Michael Ligon is an award-winning business coach, real-estate investor, stock trader, published author, Expert contributor to Entrepreneur magazine and celebrated member of the Forbes Business Council. Michael is best described as an inquisitive polymath and he's been labeled "The Fixer" for his ability to uncover and resolve issues facing struggling businesses.


His sophophilic personality has provided him with a vast insight in a plethora of subjects. His extensive appetite for knowledge has made him a recognized pundit in the world of real estate and business coaching. He has received numerous accolades for his mentorships and wisdom pertaining to investing, business building, negotiations and various real estate practices.


In addition to his Experience and Expertise in Real Estate Michael also commands a cohesive understanding of several other disciplines with academic achievements in; Geomatic and Geospatial Engineering, Land Development Principles, Land Surveying and Mapping, Clinical Psychology and Human Behavioral Studies and The Fundamentals of Human Biology w/emphasis on the Endocrine System. Michael is also a Holistic Nutritionist/ Herbalist and a Certified Wellness Consultant.


In his personal life, Michael is a Self Defense practitioner and Martial Artist, focusing on the Filipino Martial Arts. (Kali / Arnis / Escrima)


Notable Quotes: "Never stop learning! In this day and age we have access to most of the answers we seek in the palm of our hands. Take a moment and realize how powerful that can be. Take a break from the YouTube cat videos and expand your knowledge. You no longer need a University to accept you to be successful. No more excuses! If you feel like you are not living up to your potential, make a change. You have the power to control your future."

- Michael Ligon