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10 Book Recommendations that Every Investor and Entrepreneur Should Read

Updated: May 13, 2023

It is a common saying that 3 out of 4 real estate investors fail within the first year. But for those who have what it takes, starting your own real estate business can give you the seven-figure job of your dreams. Here are 10 books that would be advantageous for you to read.

(This list is in No Special Order, All of These Books Provide a Different Benefit)

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Books, Books, and more Books......

The book called ‘Success in your sphere’ is recommended for the new real estate investors. This book is written by a prominent author Zvi Band - co-founder of one of the leading CRMs in the real estate industry. In this book, he shares his journey from a hapless software engineer to becoming the owner of one of the top CRM platforms in the world. He not only shares his journey but he gives doable steps to leveraging the power of your relationships to your best business advantage.


The book ‘Smarter, Faster, Better’ is very beneficial to have full acquaintance with the essentials of doing real-state business. The writer of this book, Charles Duhigg, offers case studies in a fascinating format and teaches the actions and behaviors that separate the merely busy from the genuinely productive. If you want to take your productivity to an entirely different level this book is a must for you.


Dan Ariely has beautifully explained the real workings of the human mind and the forces at work when people make decisions. He has written numerous books for real-estate agents but the most famous one is “Predictably Irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions”. Using behavioral studies and interesting anecdotes, Ariely explains how expectations, emotions, social norms, and other invisible, seemingly illogical forces skew our reasoning ability. Real estate investors influence others and this book offers insight into how you may want to change some of your own sales approaches and interactions with others.


Barbara Corcoran divulges her secret how she turned her $1000 into a Billion Dollar real-estate business, in her book ‘Shark Tales’. The real estate giant, Barbara, reveals her lighted hearted how she built a $2 billion real estate brokerage and sold it for $66 million. New and seasoned agents alike can learn many techniques from this book and can multiply their capital amount to the next level.


Heart and Sold by Valerie Fitzgerald is an amazing book to know how to survive and thrive in real estate. Valerie is one of the country's leading agents. She recounts her journey from struggle to triumph and shares her hard-earned wisdom. This book is geared for the newer agent. She shows readers how to manage clients with style, how to choose the right brokerage and mentors for you, how to establish a stellar reputation, how to develop a schedule for running your business, and how to maintain a successful attitude daily.


John Soforic – the writer of a renowned book ‘The Wealthy Gardener’. In this book, he unsheathes his real-life experiences in building and amassing wealth through the business building and real estate. Plus, habits one must develop to weather life and business' tough times. This book will inculcate a skill of dealing with a client in the best possible way. Whether you're just starting out or close to retirement – there's something here for everyone.


If you’re looking to begin your career as an Investor but you have no capital to buy properties, then the book; ‘LYNK Wholesaling “The Real Estate Connector Method" is a great option. This method of Investing eliminates the fear that only the elite can invest in real estate. The writers of this book – The Ligon Brothers provide you with a unique method that they created for the little guy to invest in real estate. The book describes a version of Wholesaling that has been reinvented to allow anyone a opportunity to begin a career in real estate. This book has helped countless new comers enter the whole of real estate investing without the fear of costly failures. In addition the Ligon Brothers also include addition training that's available on an online training center called


If you want to grow more quickly in the arena of real estate investing, ‘The Book on Negotiating Real Estate’ is a must-read for you. This book is written by three eminent writers, J. Scott, Mark Ferguson, and Carol Scott. The authors have over 1,000 successful real estate deals in their lives. “The Book on Negotiating Real Estate” is not only for real estate investors but for real estate professionals of all levels. Skilled negotiation is a multi-step process, therefore, learn these skills and save your client


Motivation plays an important role in the uplift of any kind of business. Experts believe that no progress can be made without zeal and dedication. For this reason, a celebrated author Michael J. Maher depicts the story of a poor man, in his book ‘The Seven Levels of Communication’ who built his successful business. Michael tells the entertaining and educational story of Rick Masters, who is suffering from a down economy when he meets a mortgage professional who has built a successful business without personal promotion. Skeptical, he agrees to accompany her to a conference to learn more about her mysterious methods. Rick soon learns that the rewards for implementing these strategies are far greater than he had ever imagined.


And lastly another world-wide best-selling book for real estate agents is ‘The Compound Effect’ written by Darren Hardy. Darren reveals the principle that decisions shape your life and ultimately your destiny. Even a little decision can utterly alter your fate, either it will take you to the acme or will adversely bring you to the ground. For this reason, the writer advises being very careful while taking even a dwarf step in your life. This book is the distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships, and beyond.


To conclude, finding wealth in real estate has been proven time and time again. There is no argument that real estate investing done properly produces millionaires. If you are aspiring to earn money through real estate, the above-mentioned books will help you in achieving your dream by providing you with the much needed knowledge to succeed.

Knowledge is power, feed your brain.


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