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3 Debunked Myths About Getting Your First Real-Estate Investment

Updated: May 13, 2023

LigonBrothers - MythBusters
Ligon Brothers - Real Estate Myth Busters

Real Estate Myth Busters Michael and David Ligon Provide Expert Insight

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An Interview with Keith Hofmann and the Ligon Brothers

The first thing most people think about when they hear the phrase “Invest in real estate” is; money to invest. Because of that fact, a lot of new investors will start out with alternatives to real estate. Things like penny stocks or crypto-currencies or maybe even odd ball investments like baseball cards and beanie babies. This is because purchasing real estate is one of the most expensive forms of investing……. or is it? The Ligon Brothers; Michael and David Ligon are real estate coaches that teach people how to begin investing in real estate with little to no money out of pocket. We asked this expert duo to debunk 3 common myths about real estate investing.

MYTH ONE: You Need Experience in Order to Get Started

The short answer is no, you don’t need any experience to get started in real estate investing. However; having no experience in real estate doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need some knowledge to invest. It’s ok if you’ve never done a deal before, but you will need to understand how the investment process works in order to do your first deal. This is nothing to worry about, there are numerous books, videos and guru courses that a person can access to give them some working knowledge in the field of real estate. Just be careful to choose a reputable Mentor to guide you through the process. One of the easiest ways to get started without any experience is to start by LYNK’ing deals with other investors. You can learn more about this style of investing if you Google our website The Ligon Group. We created this method for newcomers and individuals that are just getting started.

MYTH TWO: You Need Great Credit to be an Investor

No, you do not need good credit or any credit to invest in real estate. The need for good credit only comes into play when you are attempting to get a loan from a financial institution. That’s one way to acquire an investment property, but it’s not the only way. If you have good credit then you may want to pursue this option to finance your first investment. However, if you don’t have good credit there’s no need to worry, there are several other investment methods you can use to get your first deal. You can begin your investment career by Wholesaling properties, LYNK’ing Properties and even partnering up with other investors for a piece of their deals to start.

MYTH THREE: You Money to make Money in Real Estate

This is the biggest myth in real estate investing. The idea that you can invest in real estate without any money is hard for people to believe. But the truth is, you just need to know how. If you have a lot of money then there is no question that it is easier for you to begin investing. Having capital to invest provides a person with options. However, if you have no money, you just have to pursue different options for investing. At least in the beginning as you build capital. We recommend two methods to our students as an entry point to real estate investing with no money; Traditional Wholesaling and LYNK Wholesaling. Both of these investment tragedies require little to no out of pocket expenses.


Well, these three myths have been properly busted. The simple truth is that it all comes down to knowledge. Popular opinion isn’t always fact. I highly recommend that you follow the Ligon Brothers to learn more about real estate investing methods and business building. These two seasoned real estate professionals have helped countless people just like you succeed in real estate and find the financial freedom they deserve.


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