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Who Are These “We Buy Houses” Companies and Can They Be Trusted?

Updated: May 13, 2023

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There’s this lingering question that homeowners have about selling a house to a We Buy Houses Company. The question is, are they legit or just scammers? The answer is….. It depends. Some of the so called home buyers are not really home buyers at all. Many of the websites that you encounter online that claim to be cash buyers are actually just lead generation sites. A lead generation site is a website that collects your information and then sells that information to a “real” Cash Home Buyer. Not all of the companies online are lead generating companies; some are legitimate home buying companies, but who’s who? Real Cash Home Buyers are real estate investors that purchase homes for a living. A true real estate investment company specializes in buying and selling homes, so yes they are legitimate. How can you weed out the real buyers from the fake ones? Here are 5 simple rules to help you find a trustworthy company to sell your house fast.

Rule One: Look for Images and Photos of the Investors.

Selling your home is a big deal, so you should be able to speak directly to the people that are going to buy it. Many of these fake lead generation sites have stock photos of people on their sites and no real images of the so-called Investors. Search the website and see if they show you who the investors are. For instance, the Ligon Brothers, Michael and David Ligon are local cash home buyers. They purchase houses for a living. If you search their website you’ll find in-depth details about them, their philosophy and even their families. This is the kind of information you should be looking for when looking for a trustworthy firm.

Rule Two: Know Who You’re Selling To

Like I mentioned previously, you need to know who you are dealing with. There are too many websites out there that claim to be home buying companies. The truth is a lot of these websites are marketing companies, not home buyers and not investors. Take the time to browse their site information, look for sections that state “about the owners” or “meet the buyers”, etc. Make sure that you are able to find information about the people that are going to be providing you with a Cash Offer on your home.

Rule Three: Ask the Right Questions

When you contact a local cash home buyer you should be prepared to ask a few qualifying questions to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable firm. Ask them what fees for costs are associated with their service. Also find out who long it normally takes for them to close the real estate transaction. And lastly make sure you ask them if they’re paying for the closing costs and the fees associated with the purchase. Asking the right questions can save you a lot of headaches and minimize your issues later.

Rule Four: Review the Paperwork Before You Sign

Ok, so let’s say you’ve determined that the We Buy Houses Company that you’re dealing with is legitimate. You’ve requested an offer to sell your house and they provide you with a purchase agreement for your house. Now it’s time to look over the agreement to make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions. Just because the purchase price is agreeable to you doesn’t mean that the contract doesn’t have some crazy terms in it. Make sure you take a moment to look the agreement over in its entirety. You can have your attorney, a real estate agent or even another professional real estate investor look it over if you need help understanding it.

If you need help understanding a real estate agreement, feel free to contact the Ligon Brothers. We will be happy to assist you free of charge, even if you don’t get an offer from us. We’re here to help!

Rule Five: It’s Ok to Get a Second Opinion

It’s important to remember that you are in control. The property is yours and only you have the power to make a decision. Do not let any of these Investors or companies intimidate you into making a decision if you don’t feel like it’s the best option. Do your research and ask around to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and knowledgeable company that can help “guide” you though the process. The Ligon Group is an excellent example of a trustworthy reputable company. Michael and David Ligon are highly respected seasoned real estate investors that even provide expert advice to major publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. They are vetted and trusted Cash Home buyers, feel free to contact them if you require and assistance during your home selling process.


Looking for a trustworthy “We Buy Houses” Company can be time consuming hard work. There are several very big marketing firms that spend a lot of money creating lead capturing websites that look just like real companies. I know it can be frustrating and hard to weed out the good sites from the bad. Take the time to follow these simple rules and you should be able to identify the real Cash Home Buyers from the Fake marketing sites. As always feel free to contact the Ligon Brothers if you need any help or have any questions.


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